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Training Program

  • Training Program
  • Training Program
  • Training Program

“The horse is like a mirror. It reflects back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.”

- Allan Hamilton

Reined cow horses are elite athletes, competing in three demanding events - herd work, rein work, and fence work. Jeremy knows there are no shortcuts in developing a champion who has the heart to win, and loves its job enough to perform for a lifetime. Jeremy is a true student of horsemanship, starting every colt by providing the foundation it takes to be successful for many years to come.

Whether your horse is destined for greatness in the reined cow horse show arena, a competitive career in another discipline, or a role as valued all-around performer, Jeremy establishes a solid foundation for a willing, trustworthy equine partner built to go the distance.

Champion reined cow horses, ranch horses, rope horses, mounts for riders age 8 to 88 - Jeremy has trained them all, with the ultimate goal of success in the show pen.

  • Training: $900/month, includes full care board
  • Lessons: $55/hour
  • Clinics: contact Jeremy

Client Testimonies

“We have been very blessed to have Jeremy Meador as our resident cow horse trainer.  I know he will care for our horses and will not push them past what they can do.  He is a natural rider and a trainer always trying to figure out a better way to communicate the training message to the horse.”

- Loren Macey, client of Jeremy and owner of Redtail Ranch

"Jeremy's my horse trainer of choice for several reasons:  He's honest as the day is long; he has the best interests of the horse as a high priority; he works like a galley slave; and his horses really tune into him.  I've seen him take horses that other trainers just couldn't get successfully shown, and start bringing home checks.  He really does get the best from each horse and treats them all as individuals instead of trying a "one size fits all" approach.  Some horses may not have the pedigree or the ability of others, but they all get the same amount of attention and effort!"

- Julie Masner


"My personal journey with Jeremy Meador Performance Horses has allowed me to reach all my goals within the reined cow horse world.  Jeremy is professional, loyal, has the highest integrity, is dedicated and kind.  Jeremy’s work ethic is beyond reproach.  He holds his clients and horses in high respect and truly cares they are satisfied and happy with all he offers."  

- Crystel Menefee